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The studio category is for you if you are intending to record and mix your own music, although there can sometimes be overlap in requirements between studios and the stage. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out our Live & PA page.

Audio Interfaces

audio interface in home studio

Audio interfaces connect your instrument to your computer in order to record. They are essentially external soundcards which typically connect via USB or Firewire.

While you can connect an instrument or mic directly to a computer, you will often find you experience a delay. An audio interface would fix this issue and provide a higher quality audio recording at the same time.


It is a good idea to own a studio monitor if you intend to record and mix your own tracks.

Many speakers will attempt to flatten music so it sounds good to the listener. This is great if you’re listening to music that’s been mixed already, however if you want to create a mix that sounds good on every speaker, you’ll need a monitor to give you the true sound of your track, rather than how you might want it to sound!

Yamaha HS Series monitors


Yamaha HPH headphones

We stock a range of high quality headphones for live mixing, recording and playback.

The headphones you use in a studio should be high quality for the same reason you would choose to use a studio monitor: it is preferable to have a clear and natural sound which is true to life. They should be able to cope with high volume levels and have good noise cancellation.

Studio Microphones

Many people choose to use a condenser microphone in a studio situation. This is down to their higher sensitivity and audio fidelity when compared with a dynamic microphone.

A good quality condenser mic is no less robust than its dynamic counterpart, so is worth the investment if you are intending on owning only one type of microphone, but keep in mind that they generally require 48V phantom power.

studio mic with pop shield