Welcome to Breve Music School

Music Lessons Back On!

Breve Music School is delighted to say that we’re in a position now within the current guidelines, to once again welcome students; new and old back to our premises.

Like many organisations, we have been forced to make changes over the past year and we’d like to let you know what these are in order for you to consider your return to music lessons at Breve Music School.

What has changed?

One-to-One lessons only – At least for the foreseeable future, we will not be holding group lessons. With social distancing still in place and the cleansing/sanitisation that has to take place between lessons we are unfortunately unable to continue to offer group lessons. We do hope to be able to offer these at some point in the future but honestly, we do feel it may be quite some time before we can do that so in the meantime, we are offering 30 min one-to-one lessons only.

Payments – During the time we have been closed, we have completely restructured our payments system. One-to-One lessons are now offered on a flat fee basis which stays the same every month. We are pleased to let you know that we have now integrated an automated payment system that once set up for the first time, will continue to collect £75 from your designated payment card every month until it’s cancelled.

Along with this, there are new terms and conditions regarding missed lessons (sickness and/or holiday) which are more straight forward and therefore simpler for our staff to administrate.

We currently have availability for Guitar, Piano and Drum Lessons

A New(ish) Face in the Piano Room – Some of you will have met Callum before but others of you may have had your piano lessons previously with Hristo or Nathan. After a brief sabbatical to pursue further education and some worldly travel, Breve Music is delighted to welcome Callum back as a piano tutor. For those of you who don’t know him, you can visit his tutor profile here.

You can also book in a free consultation with Callum or any of our tutors, by clicking here.

What Does the future hold for us?

As restrictions are eased more and more over the next 12 months, we are very excited to be able to bring back regular activities to Breve Music School.These include:

  • The return of our Saturday Music Clubs
  • Establishing a platform for young songwriters to get their original music out there
  • Return to a more active social media presence including mini tutorials on places like Instagram and YouTube
  • Studio Recording Sessions for our students
  • Rockschool, Trinity and ABRSM Exam Days
  • Ensuring we can offer special deals/discounts to our students
  • More brilliant performance opportunities for our students to showcase their learning/playing such as Christmas Concerts etc
  • Half Term & Summer Schools

….and of course, we’re always open to suggestions of new and exciting musical things that our students wish to do and if there is enough interest from lots of students, we’ll do all we can to make them happen. Just let us know!

Our Philosophy

Here at Breve Music School, we prioritise education and enjoyment. We believe learning to play a new instrument should be fun, interesting and varied. That’s why we aim to make sure every student leaves their lesson with more knowledge and a bigger smile than when they came in. Our tutors will tailor your lessons to you, helping you to advance at a pace that works, with skills that last.

Would You Prefer Zoom Lessons For Now?

If you’re still not quite ready for face to face lessons in our dedicated school, our tutors are able to run their lessons via Zoom. Our team provide high quality lessons using the best audio quality available, enabling you to get the most out of your lesson.

Just give us a call or request your free consultation lesson