Used Roland Atelier AT500 Organ
Used Roland Atelier AT500 Organ
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Used Roland Atelier AT500 Organ

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A Next Generation, High Performance Home Organ
The AT-500 stands at the head of its price class with a luxurious WVGA touch-screen display, an expanded dual-manual keyboard (49+64) and pedalboard, a 100w stereo speaker system, an infrared D Beam controller, RGB video output, dual USB ports, and much more. With 250 voices, 195 built-in rhythms, 300 Music Assistant titles and 150 Quick Registrations onboard, the AT-500 delivers top-level performance and flexibility.


- Superb organ sounds and orchestral voices
- Easy-to-use rhythm function
- High-quality built-in stereo speaker system
- Harmonic bars for enhanced organ sound and performance
- Waterfall-style lower keyboard
- Multi-function USB port can be used for optional memory key (M-UF1G), floppy drive (FD-01A), or CD drive (CD-01A) (play along with VIMA TUNES songs or audio CDs)


Manuals: Upper 49 notes (C3-C7), Lower 64 notes (Waterfall keyboard A1-C7), both with 10 levels initial touch
Pedalboard: 20 notes (C2-G3)
Pedals: Expression Pedal, Damper Pedal, Two Foot Switches

Sound Generator: Conforms to GM2/GM/GS/XG lite
Max. Polyphony: 128 voices
Voices: 250 Voices (included 12 Active Expression voices)
Drum Sets: 16 Drum sets, 1 SFX set
Manual Percussion Sets: 6 sets
Effects: Rotary Sound, Chorus, RSS Reverb, Sustain, Glide, Pitch Bend, Vibrato
Vintage Organ: Flute (with harmonic bars)

Rhythms: 195 rhythms
User Rhythms: 99 rhythms
Rhythm Customise: Pattern editing of the internal rhythms (Drum Set, Beat, Tempo, Note)

One Touch Program: 195 rhythms x 2 groups x 4 variations
Music Assistant: 250 titles x 4 variations
Quick Registration: 150 settings in 12 groups
Demo Songs: 28 songs

Registration Memories: 8
Harmony Intelligence: 18 types
Key Transpose: -4 to +7 semitones

Tracks: 7
Note Storage: Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length: Max. 999 measures
Tempo: Quarter note = 20-500
Resolution: 120 ticks per quarter note
Recording: Realtime (Replace, Punch In/Out, Loop)
Music Score Display: DigiScore

Rated Power Output: 50W + 50W
Speakers: 5 cm x 2 (Tweeter), 25 cm x 2 (Full Range)
Display: 800 x 480 dots backlit colour LCD with touch screen

Audio Output Jacks (L/mono, R), Audio Input Jacks (L/mono, R), Video Output Jacks (Analog RGB), Headphones Jacks (stereo) x 2, Mic Input Jack, MIDI connectors (In, Out), USB (MIDI) Jack, External Memory connector (USB Memory connector), Ext Drive connector, AC Inlet

120 W

Simulated Dark Walnut

Width: 1,242 mm / 48-15/16 inches
Depth: 653 mm / 25-3/4 inches
Height: 1,264 mm / 49-13/16 inches
Weight: 108 kg / 238 lbs 2 oz


1 Year Breve Music (No Registration Required)