MJAcoustics Minuet Studio Speaker System with Subwoofer - Breve Music Ltd
MJAcoustics Minuet Studio Speaker System with Subwoofer - Breve Music Ltd
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MJAcoustics Minuet Studio Speaker System with Subwoofer

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Included in the Minuet Package is:
- Satellite Speakers x 2
- Speaker Stands x 2
- Subwoofer Bass unit x 1
- Speaker Cables x 2
- Audio source cables x 2
- Mains power lead x 1
- Owners Manual x 1

MJA developed the MINUET Audio System as an all-in-one solution to make connection and usability as simple as possible, and its chic looks help it integrate wonderfully into your home.


MJ Acoustics says:
The system works out of the box and is perfectly matched to the electronic musical instrument it is attached to. The speakers have dedicated stands with neat cable management and the main bass box has all the electronics inside to power the speakers. The whole system enables the player to have the concert come to them in both sound and vision. A “no compromise” approach is used in all aspects of manufacture and every aspect and finest detail is taken care of at our own dedicated factory here in the heart of Cambridgeshire. A truly British company with a pedigree for excellence and an ear for the finest of musicality. JUST what the accomplished Keyboard and Organist needs. There is simply no other product on the market that can produce the bass registers an Audio System from MJ Acoustics achieves. All done with the utmost of ease.
Continual R&D
With a continual ongoing R&D remit for perfecting the bass frequency range of our sub-bass systems, the MJ design team were given the task of developing a speaker system that can reproduce true audiophile registers accurately whilst providing an open sound stage and fast transient dynamics throughout the full range. The lower frequencies reaching down below 45Hz being taken care of by MJ’s highly developed generation of technologies used in some of our most acclaimed bass products exported round the world. The Technology employed in the design being taken and further honed from our Reference and Master- Class Series products. 20 years of development equates to a fair level of experience and demonstrates our passion and expertise in this specialist field.
Active Sub-Bass
The use of a Subwoofer is essential for a full bass extended sound stage and the Minuet Audio System has been specifically designed to give an audiophile spectrum of sound.
The Minuet Bass section Subwoofer represents our interpretation of the pinnacle of reference equipment and Audiophile integration. MJ Acoustics are immensely proud of its achievement with this profound new addition to the range. Those that have auditioned it have marvelled at its sheer audio quality, Bass muscle and rich feature set. Housed in a hand crafted cabinet and available in balanced real wood Ash veneer which is painted in a special non reflective satin black lacquer as standard.
We adopt a very light and highly rigid cone structure with ultra compliant roll surround and minimal motor drive resistance. We employ the very best grade of magnet material and energise it to the maximum. The result is a super fast driver that requires much less power to control it. Make no mistake the sound pressure levels are very high and the Minuet Bass section is a room shaking subwoofer when required but always faithful to the source material.
The Bass output goes down to a staggering 10Hz!
Everything MJ Acoustics provides is for a good reason. Like the option of small rubber inserts pushed into the feet. These serve to decouple the cabinet from the floor when placed on hard surfaces. Spikes are also available for those that feel point loading is required.
The amplifier crossover and transducer have been perfectly matched to extract every possible element of audio efficiency and the results are immediately present when turned on. Perhaps we should also clarify that we have designed all our subwoofers to be highly efficient. For MJ Acoustics, efficiency is a tightly controlled amplifier capable of delivering fast and controlled transients, coupled to a transducer with world beating tolerances and some innovative use of construction methodology. The transducer is a 10 inch ultra- stiff cone with light weight motor assembly and soft compliant roll surround. The cone and coil carrier are bonded to make a one piece constructed element with immense rigidity, yet light enough to be moved with complete control from the amplifier under extreme loads and high output levels. A rolled rubber surround with a special EDPM mixture provides big brother like stability to the position of the cone as it is thrusted back and forth in its piston like movement. The basket is pressed from a one piece steel sheet for ultra stability and rigidity and mounted using 8 fixing points for complete audio coupling of the driver motor assembly to the cabinet structure.