Blackstar Unity Extension Cab 250 Watts (For Unity Bass Amps)

Blackstar Unity Extension Cab 250 Watts (For Unity Bass Amps)

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Extend your Blackstar Bass Amp by a further 250 Watts with this extension cab.


If you want to beef up your Blackstar Unity Bass Series combo, then you need a Unity U250ACT powered cabinet. You'll experience classic low-end muscle via a custom-designed Eminence Opus speaker, while an independent volume control makes balancing your levels a breeze. This flexible cab's XLR combo input allows you to use it with external preamps, while a passive 1⁄4" input lets it function as a standard extension cabinet. And if you really want to build a monster rig, use the U250ACT's XLR Thru to chain together multiple cabinets.


250 Watts
Custom designed Eminence 15" Opus speaker
Independent volume control
Combined XLR + ¼" input allowing use with external preamps
Passive ¼” input for use as a standard extension cabinet
XLR Through to chain together multiple Unity active cabinets


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