Casio Celviano GP400 Grand Hybrid Piano


The Casio Celviano GP-400 Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano is made with 88 full-length, wooden keys for complete authenticity. Capable of producing the most subtle nuances of the world’s most respected pianos, this revolutionary new model from Casio gives you an experience that goes far beyond playing piano. The tonal possibilities are endless with the GP-400, thanks to the 35 built-in tones including Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand, Vienna Grand and many more. The Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid delivers endless possibilities and outstanding performance, perfect for even the most traditional and discerning pianist.

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Collaboration with C. Bechstein
C. Bechstein have been one of Europe’s most important makers of grand and upright acoustic pianos for over 160 years. Their grand pianos have been the first choice for the world’s most famous composers and performing artists, from Franz Liszt to Bob Dylan. C. Bechstein worked closely with Casio to ensure that the key action in the Celviano Grand Hybrid Series responded as closely as possible to the key action in one of their own famous grand pianos. Similarly, the samples used to create the GP-Series’ piano voices were taken from C. Bechstein’s world-renowned D282 Concert Grand Piano. This collaboration between Casio and C. Bechstein has led to a digital piano that perfectly combines tradition and innovation.

Three Legendary Grand Pianos
Casio’s new AiR Grand Sound Source provides not just one, but three of the world’s finest grand pianos. Dubbed the Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna Grands, each one is the result of countless hours of precise analysis and study of their unique characteristics; resulting in faithful and expressive reproductions of these distinctive pianos. The Berlin Grand produces a balanced, elegant sound that’s ideal for playing impressionistic music. The Hamburg is loved by pianists for its wide range of expression, delivering a brilliant and rich sound this piano is well suited for various playing styles and genres. Finally, the Vienna Grand is noted for its impressive low range, great for both soft and vigourous playing, an ideal instrument for classical music.

Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard
From the moment your hands first touch the keys, the Grand Hybrid delivers the authenticity your performance demands. The new natural grand hammer action keyboard is constructed using full-length wooden concert grand piano keys, with the same materials and processes as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. Each keypress sends a hammer along the same vertical path as a grand piano, with the same essential weighting and pivot points creating an expressive and uncompromising piano touch. Complete with acrylic white keys and phenol black keys, the GP-400 feels familiar to play and ensures you feel comfortable during every performance.

Grand Acoustic System
Using an exclusive six-speaker amplification system, the new Grand Acoustic System reproduces the three-dimensional sound field generated by an acoustic grand. The top speakers present sounds normally heard rising upwards, and the downward-facing speakers present sounds heard from below the soundboard. This simulation fills the room with rich, complex sound, reaching both the performer and the audience.

Hall Simulator and Listening Position
The GP-400 features twelve types of Hall Simulators; each one based on careful analysis of the acoustic characteristics of a world-famous concert venue. Each space has a total of four Listening Position settings. For example, the you can simulate the experience of hearing the piano from a seat in the audience, as opposed to the playing position, allowing you to hear your music from a whole new perspective.

Five Year Warranty
This Casio product comes with a generous five year warranty. This protects your piano in parts and labour costs for any manufacturing fault. This is an onsite warranty, so a registered technician will come to the piano’s residence for any repairs.


Type: Natural Grand Hammer Action
Touch Response: 5 Sensitivity Levels
Number of Keys: 88
Duet Mode: Adjustable Tone Range, ±2 Octaves
Transpose: 2 Octaves (-12 to 0 to +12)
Octave Shift: 4 Octaves (-2 to 0 to +2)
Speaker: 16cm x 2 + (10cm + 5cm) x 2, 3-Way 6 Speakers
Amp Output: 30W x 2 + 20W x 2
Volume Sync Equalizer: Yes
Metronome: 0 – 9 (Tempo Range; Quarter Note = 20 to 255)
MIDI: Input/Output with USB MIDI Terminals
Lesson Functions: Right Hand Off, Left Hand Off, Both Parts Off
Body Finish: Black Wood Grain

Size and Weight
Dimensions: 576” x 193” x 935”
Weight: 188lbs


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