Music School - Pricing

School Pricing

Breve Music currently offers private one-to-one music lessons only. Group lessons are not available at present due to COVID-19. Your 30 minute one-to-one lesson is booked in to our school diary every week for the same day and time each week.

If you are busy or cannot guarantee your availability will be the same every week, you can choose to buy your lessons in sets of 4 and book them on an ad hoc basis, working around the availability of both you and the tutor.

Private Lessons

Student Benefits

Members of Breve Music School are entitled to many exclusive privileges such as discounts to our Monthly Music Clubs, priority invitations to our events, and in-school competitions like our student of the month award and poster competitions.

Here is a list of a few things we offer here beyond standard lessons:

  • Seasonal Showcases
  • Half Term School Breaks; including our Halloween Half Term School, Easter and Summer School
  • Free Music Clubs (one Saturday each month)
  • Tutor Days – a chance for parents to discuss progress with tutors
  • Tutor Reports
  • Priority notice of Sale items in the Breve Music Store/Website

…and many more!