This is a question that everyone would love to know the answer to, however this is one of the only questions we can’t give you a definitive answer for.

There are so many factors to bear in mind, but the general rule to go by is that the more effort you put in, the quicker you will achieve what you want. This sounds obvious but in terms of music it is very true!
We cannot say which lesson style is better for you as it depends on which environment you naturally learn best.

Many students prefer to learn in a private lesson as it is one to one for the entire half hour and they find they are able to progress quicker in this format.

That said, some students find learning in a group motivates them to practise more in order to perform at the same level as their colleagues. Our tutors are all highly skilled and do everything they can to make a group lesson suitable, relevant and useful to all their students.
Yes, we teach grade syllabuses to those who wish to take exams in any instrument.

We are a registered examination centre for Rockschool, so students are able to take their exams in a familiar environment if they choose to study and grade with the Rockschool exam board.
We are aware that grading doesn't appeal to everyone, so, while we are more than capable of seeing you through to grade 8 if that’s what you wish, there is absolutely no pressure to learn via that format.

If you’d rather learn a few chords and how to play a couple of your favourite tunes then that’s also fine!
Simply put, of course you should!

Music isn’t just about the long term, there is absolutely no harm in just coming for lessons to enjoy playing and learning in the moment. And with our amazing team here, we’re sure that you will enjoy every visit to Breve and develop more with each lesson.
As cliché as this may sound, you are never too old to learn how to play! As long as you have the willingness to learn, we have the patience and skill to teach you.
This is a valid concern, however as long as the potential student has had previous experience being in a classroom, we would welcome them here at Breve Music School.

This means your child can start learning from around 4 years old, and it goes without saying how beneficial being exposed to creative art at a young age is. Music has been proven to have a positive impact on memory skills, hand eye co-ordination, social abilities, as well as sparking creativity just to mention a few.
We advise that students have an instrument at home to practise between lessons wherever possible. This will help you to advance at the speed you are capable of.

Breve Music stocks a great range of instruments and we are proud to have knowledgeable staff who can help you to choose the right option, fitting you and your budget.
We run lessons between 2pm and 8pm on all weekdays.
Yes, the only week we do not teach is between Christmas and New Year.

Since we do not run on a school term basis, you may start and stop your music lessons at any time during the year. If you are on our contract based weekly schedule, you must give 4 weeks notice before stopping your lessons.
If you need to take weeks off for holiday, sickness or otherwise, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate your lesson slot. The lessons are charged on a flat rate per month, so you will not be refunded for these lessons. However, some months in the year will naturally fall so you receive 5 lessons for the same monthly price, so you don't lose out.
At Breve Music, we have an ad hoc system where you can purchase a pack of 4 lessons (which are valid for 6 months) and book them in as and when you want.

If you choose to go down this route, do keep in mind that our school is very popular so we can’t promise to have a free lesson slot every time you call!
Unfortunately we do not give make up credits for sickness due to the late notice, so you will be charged the standard lesson rate.
We try to cater for everybody at Breve Music and will do everything we can to meet your individual needs. Before beginning a teaching programme, we will ask if you have any special requirements and will do everything in our power to assist your learning.

Due to Breve Music being a working storefront between 10am and 6pm, our music lessons usually take place upstairs away from the shop. The ground floor of Breve Music fronts onto the Asda supermarket car park and is fully wheelchair accessible. After the store closes at 6pm, up until 8pm we are able to provide music tuition on the ground floor, should the first floor facilities not be accessible.

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