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Piano – Callum

My teaching philosophy is that anyone can learn how to play piano and I believe a musicians greatest asset is their ears, so I put a lot of emphasis on teaching my students to listen for the telling signs of music, and using that to work out songs. I am definitely more geared towards the modern musician and rarely teach classical. However I do teach a lot about music theory, and how to use all of the theory I teach practically so it isn’t just learning something to pass a test. It’s something you can take with you no matter what you decide to do in terms of music. So, if you are looking for a tutor who can teach you how to listen to a song, pick out the key elements and play along with the track, while consciously making you think about what you’re playing and even helping you add to the song to improvise your own interpretation, then I would highly recommend booking a consult with me!

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Drums – Juan

Although I am a drum teacher, I like to take a more holistic approach when teaching music. I teach my students to be first and foremost a great musician, and second to be a great drummer. I place a strong emphasis on playing the simple things well over needless complexity, and I try to make my students understand that the best drummers aren’t necessarily the ones who can play the fastest, but the ones who can play in service to a piece of music. Taking a music-first approach means that I prioritise teaching my students the necessary skills to play and write music with other musicians, as these are the skills that take you further than simply being another bedroom musician.

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Guitar – Charlie

As a guitar tutor, my aim is not just to teach you a few songs on your guitar, but to show you the way the instrument works, how to understand music and teach you how to work out and create music on your own. My lessons are adaptable to you and your playing style, as well as your personal preference. So, if you have the desire to work through your grades, then I can guide you through. If you want to learn how to write your own music, then I can give you the tools and knowledge to do so. If all you want to do is play a few songs to relax and unwind at the end of the evening, then I’ll show you how to understand and learn songs by yourself, without having to rely on somebody putting your fingers in the right place.

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