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Live and PA products are suited for you if you are intending to perform live in any capacity, although there can sometimes be overlap in requirements between studios and the stage. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out our Studio page.



Active speakers are all in one systems that do not require any external amplification, so can be plugged directly into a mixing desk. They are particularly convenient for travelling musicians as they drastically simplify the set up required.

Some will have USB, Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha DXR speakers


Passive speakers are powered by external amplifiers, so are great solutions for venues where systems will remain permanently positioned. They don’t need to be plugged into a power outlet, so are good for wall mounting.

In a big venue set up, using passive speakers gives both versatility and space to expand.


Subwoofers help to clean up your sound, especially if you’re using low instruments like bass guitars or kick drums.

Producing low tones takes much more power than mids and highs, so it’s a good idea to leave that task to a subwoofer to make your output smoother and louder.


Perhaps one of the most vast categories when it comes to live and studio equipment is the range you are faced with when choosing a mixer.

It is wise to consider the answers to several questions. How many inputs do you need? What is the volume and density of your mix likely to be? Do you need more specific EQ control than can be achieved by 3 or 4 bands? Are you planning to record?

If you are unsure how to narrow down your choices, it is advised you contact us and let one of our experts help you to decide.


Dynamic microphones come in a range of qualities, but are generally cheaper than studio microphones. They are often favoured by live performers for their slightly more forgiving sensitivity which will not pick up audience sounds or echoes.

Breve Music stocks a wide range of wired and wireless microphones. If you are unsure what style of mic will best suit your needs, we advise you call our shop or give us a visit.

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