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Learning to play on a Yamaha CLP

Digital Pianos

Looking for a Digital Piano to grace your home?

A stunning piece of furniture that blends convenience and style.


A Hybrid piano is ideal for those who are looking for the ultimate feel and touch of an upright/grand piano whilst retaining the convenience of headphones, USB and no tuning!

Hybrid piano with action

Dexibell S9 stage piano

Stage Pianos

These days, you can get all the nuance of an acoustic piano reproduced through your PA system on stage.

If you’re looking for great expression but need the portability of a piano you can fit in a case, look no further.


Well, where do we start? For decades, companies have been making keyboards but during that time we’ve seen many forms, from mini key, weighted and semi-weighted, waterfall, hammer action, wooden, synthetic; the list goes on.

In our opinion, saying that you require a keyboard is not enough to determine which model would be right for you.

It would be useful to consider the following questions and call our experts in store if you need some advice. What are you going to use it for? What type of sounds/samples do you require? Are you intending to play your keyboard with other musicians or be a one-man-band?

Arranger Workstation

While these keyboards can typically be played in both band and solo scenarios, the fact it is specifically an ‘arranger’ lends itself to one person using automated parts of the instrument to create a whole arrangement of music by themselves.

In addition to this, the ‘workstation’ element of the keyboard means it is specially designed to be played by one person at a time, who would use dedicated functions within the keyboard to produce music, in this case, the arranger section.

Yamaha PSR S775 Arranger close up

Yamaha Montage on empty stage


A synth is an electronic musical instrument, meaning it generates electric signals that produce sound through some form of amplifier.

Synthesisers are commonly used to form one main element of a band set up with distinct, recognisable sounds. That said, many musicians playing keys in a band will use a dedicated synthesiser or multiple keyboards to create layers of sounds. A player can use a synth to encompass Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Orchestral and Synthesiser sounds, plus samples and sound effects.