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Acoustic Guitars


A dreadnought is one of the most recognisable shapes of acoustic guitar, with the evolution of cutaway styles also rapidly gaining popularity over recent years.

It is known for its strong projection and warm sound, perfect for first time players and professional musicians alike.

dreadnought acoustic close up

faith 3/4 guitar being played

3/4 Size

Recently made famous as a style choice by Ed Sheeran, a 3/4 size guitar was originally designed with younger players in mind for ease of use.

Adult players are increasingly choosing to play a 3/4 guitar for its portable size and controlled, punchy sound.

Electro Acoustic

An electro-acoustic guitar has an acoustic look and feel with a built in pickup and preamp system, giving the player the ability to amplify their music. The pickup will typically have EQ capabilities and volume control.

This style of guitar is a favourite of live and studio performers who need the flexibility to play acoustically or through speakers.

electro acoustic on stage

Electric Guitars

electric guitar being played

Electric guitars have a narrower neck and softer strings than a classic acoustic, so are typically the choice of players who wish to play more lead sequences than rhythm lines. They are versatile in sound style and can have multiple layers of effects applied to them.

These guitars produce their sound via electric currents, meaning they must be amplified through speakers or headphones to create their distinctive sound.