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Electric kits range in quality from a full set of rubber pads to a full set of mesh pads, andĀ hold an extensive library of sounds, with the advantage of being able to plug straight into a PA system.

One of the biggest benefits for many players (and households!) is the ability to plug in headphones for silent practice. They also include built in metronomes and other coaching tools for learners.

Launchpad on desk

Drum Machines and Sample Pads

Drum machines don’t just exist as one type of equipment, and there are several different reasons you may want to purchase a drum machine. You may want to create quick and clean samples for studio recordings, or have a fully portable way to create a beat for live performance.

Most machines will feature pressure sensitive pads, analogue and digital effects, loop capabilities, and the ability to programme and edit sounds.


Drum modules offer more sounds for your electric kit, and more control, with some providing new pads featuring real action cymbal muting and different sounds based on where you strike.

They will often also include multiple outs to give the option for a more balanced feel over a PA system.

DTX502 module on kit