Brunswick acoustic guitars in various colours

Brunswick Acoustic Guitars

These great value guitars are so easy to play, they are sure to encourage you and your kids to continue learning. Perfect for beginners of any age and playing style.



The Brunswick BF100 is the best value acoustic guitar we stock. Yes, you can buy a guitar shaped object online for £30, but the BF100 is both a great price, and a real instrument! The sound is fantastic for the price and will encourage learners of all ages to keep practising.


Our guitar teacher’s favourite for beginners, the BF200’s mahogany body gives the guitar a lovely pure tone and is a marked step up while remaining at an amazing price point.


For the guitarist considering breaking onto the gigging scene, the BTK is a great place to start. Equipped with a pickup and tuner, you can plug this guitar into an amp, speaker or mixer and get on the stage! Even without plugging in, you can still use it as a smooth sounding acoustic guitar.